From the Kitchen: Barro Negro Roasted Potatoes

Nourish Bowl with Roasted Potatoes

The prospect of touching the oven dial at the peak of the summer heat is highly unlikely.  So what does one do when the craving hits for the crispiest of crispy roasted potatoes?

Grab your Barro Negro roasting dish and head outside. 

Barro Negro Lidded Roaster

Barro Negro ceramics have the unique ability to be used at high heats such as in the oven as well as over an open flame due to a combination of the clay and firing techniques used during production.  This makes them the perfect dishes to throw on the grill to create the simplest of outdoor meals.  

Barro Negro Roasted Potatoes

First, fire up your grill*, gas or charcoal, with your Barro Negro dish on the grate. 

As the grill comes to high heat prepare your potatoes.


  • 1-3 pounds potatoes, such as yukon or fingerling, cut into apx 1" uniform size and shape
  • a generous glug of extra virgin olive oil to coat
  • Kosher salt
  • Finishing options: flake salt, such as Maldon; minced fresh herbs such as parsley, thyme, chives, dill, marjoram; an extra pat of butter 

Mix your cubed potatoes with a generous coating of olive oil and kosher salt.

Turn out into roasting dish for about 30 minutes stirring regularly.  You want each piece to have ample time in contact with the dish bottom to create a nice crust.  Try not to crowd your dish or they may steam instead of roast and can break up as they are stirred.  If this inadvertently happens, continue to roast a little longer to get a bit of golden crust going.

Potatoes Roasting in Barro Negro Dish on Grill

A typical grilled meal at our house will entail 30 minute potatoes, no more than 10 minute salmon fillets and 5 minute vegetables.

Barro Negro Dish on Grill

This is a forgiving dish!  Check with a fork for interior tenderness and exterior crispness and adjust time accordingly. 

Once finished to your preference, plate the potatoes.  Serve as is or finish with a pat of butter for extra richness, a sprinkle of flake salt and any herbs you have on hand, minced finely.   

Using your Barro Negro roasting dish on the grill is equally delicious with cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and more.  

Need more suggestions?  Finish your roasted potatoes or veg with a squeeze of lemon.  Dust with finely grated parmesan cheese.  Toss with pesto or serve alongside an herbaceous salsa verde.

There's no need to cook indoors for the remainder of the summer!  Enjoy!

Barro Negro 3-piece SetBarro Negro Lidded Roaster



*I'm well aware that there are heated debates over the merits of gas and charcoal grills.  I love the flavor of a charcoal grill and wish I had one. But you just can't beat the convenience of a gas grill.  I use ours year round, in all weather conditions, and can feed my family in 20 minutes flat.