Gifts for giving...and receiving

Each piece in the Goose Creek collection has been thoughtfully selected for living an intentional life; a life where quality and artistic expression are celebrated. 

That's why the Goose Creek collection is perfect for gift giving.  Here, something small can show big sentiment.  Or bundle a couple items into a gift set for even more drama.  Goose Creek elevates the everyday and what better way to tell your people 'I was thinking of you'.


 picnic, charcuterie, hostess on the go

The Expert Host: 

Do you know someone who expertly pulls out a snack when you happen to drop in unexpected?  Up their game with a Pallares pocket knive, a bronze spoon or a Helve cutting board.  They're lovely gifts on their own.  But if you really want to make a statement, pair up a board with either utensil and add some of Goose Creek's favorite provisions for a gift set they'll be sure to use.

Stock up on smoked salmon & have a chance to purchase the limited edition smoked octopus at Drifters Fish Winter Cheer Market, Sunday, December 8th.  And don't forget pickled blueberries or earthy plum jam!



The Naturalist: 

Purchase The Hunt, The Shore, The Catch and The Gather issues of Honest Magazine as a bundle for your naturalists' year round reading. (With a slight discount on the cover price, to boot.)  



The Self Care Guru:

We all have a devotee to Self Care in our life.  Help them indulge in their rituals with the Soap and Sponge Holder and, of course, pair it with a nourishing handmade soap. 

My fav can be picked up at the West Seattle Winter Night Market!  I'll be stocking up for the dry winter months.



The Commuter: 

Everyone needs a car basket.  Mine varies with the seasons, but perennial staples are a pocket knife, head lamp and sunscreen.  A Turkish towel for cold mornings or beach afternoons.  A snack tin, a water bottle, and a coffee mug;  all reusable, of course.  



The Domestic Scientist:

This one is for those that make tidying up look joyful.  Help the domestic scientist love their cleaning kit as much as they love a clean kitchen.  Concrete trays, cloth napkins & a natural pot scrubber is everything they'll need except the elbow grease.

Bring this one to the host of a holiday party and then offer to do the dishes.  You'll be the guest of honor! 


Gift an experience! 

Spend quality time with your besty and meet Seattle artists at the In the Shed Holiday Bazaar; then, have your friend personally pick something out to remember the day.

Attend one of the Social Creative Holiday Workshops, either holiday baking or brush lettering.  Social Creative workshops are full-blown events that will surely make a lasting impression.  Whether you sign up for the morning or afternoon workshop, the Holiday Marketplace is open to all between 11-1!

Hostess Gifts

Bring a hot dish to the potluck and leave the trivet as a gift to the host.

Bring a platter of homemade sweets and leave the platter as a gift.

Kitchen linens are always a winning idea!  There's a tea towel and cloth napkin set for everyone!


Whether you're proving small is mighty or creating the perfectly themed gift basket, Goose Creek can help you elevate your most loving sentiment.  

Always reach out to to request more ideas, gift wrapping or personalized notes.