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Stephanie Eburah is many things: food photographer and recipe developer usually come to the top of the list.  She also hosts dinners, workshops and culinary retreats in Seattle and on Lummi Island. But my favorite way to describe Stephanie is as a tastemaker.  It’s a bit cringe-worthy, but apt!  

Stephanie simply has great taste.  From food to wine to tableware. She is intentional, deliberate even, yet unfussy.  She has a refined palate (anchovy toast, anyone?) and can make it unpretentious and accessible to many (trust me, you’ll go for a second toast).  She has the gift of elevating an everyday meal to celebratory status by capturing the lifestyle of gathering and eating.    

“I believe a great meal is not just about the food, it’s as much about the company and the surroundings.”

Seattle couldn’t be luckier to have Stephanie opening a neighborhood food, wine and art space called Ebb & Co.  It is here that Stephanie will finally have a home base to create the atmosphere for gathering and to share her passion around the table.   

I had a chance to catch up with Stephanie and talk about Ebb & Co, what she’s eating, what she’s setting the table with.

Can you share a little bit about your professional background?

I started cooking professionally in the Bay Area 20 years ago where I did everything from owning a food truck to fine dining catering to running a caviar cafe in the Ferry Building Marketplace.  It was there that I helped start a caviar company & sturgeon farm where I was the culinary director working with chefs to develop private label recipes as well as our own in house products. My family relocated to Seattle in 2014 and I started focusing on my photography, shooting primarily food. I definitely missed being in the kitchen and having a community so I started hosting family style dinners with my friend Karra Wise.  I eventually started collaborating with different fishermen, farmers and makers hosting dinners all over Seattle as well as at my home on Lummi Island.  


How has working in the culinary world transferred to cooking at home for a family?

I think just having the tools to be able to come up with different meals that will appeal to everyone has been key.  I want my kids to eat well and learn the importance of preparing your own food but they are kids who are sometimes picky and I am busy so I often cave and they eat frozen pizza and steamed broccoli for dinner.  But at the same time, we are always in the kitchen together and they watch me cook everyday; and when we travel, our days revolve around eating. Good food has just become a way of life and they appreciate it, which I hope will stay with them the rest of their lives.


What’s in heavy rotation right now?  Care to share a recipe? 

I’m really big on quick pastas right now since I don’t have a lot of time to cook these days.  My go-tos are bucatini tossed with canned cannelini beans, lemon, garlicky breadcrumbs and these jarred pickled calabrian chilis that I put on everything; or pasta tossed with a nice can of tuna with capers and parsley. 

What’s on your table? 

My everyday ceramics are from Beau Rush and Heath. Beau Rush Ceramics are super durable so they're great with the kids and I can use them in the oven, too.  I love the simple imperfect design that gives each piece its own unique character.  It reminds me they are handmade.

Other favorite ceramicists include Janaki Larsen, Henry Street Studio, Miro Made This and Natasha Alphonse. I love collecting antique ironstone platters and mix matched silverware.  I have so many different linens but some favorites are Gjusta Goods, Fog Linen and all the vintage ones I’ve picked up from flea markets and travels. 

Stephanie Eburah Stephanie Eburah   

Tell us more about Ebb & Co.

I’ve always known I wanted to open a gathering space to bring people together around the table.  I love highlighting the incredible bounty of the PNW and all of the people who make it possible.  When a space opened up in my neighborhood I knew I needed to jump on it. 

Ebb & Co is essentially a gathering space with a focus on food. It’s a casual wine bar where we serve natural wines and small plates.  We're also collaborating with local chefs, farmers, winemakers and artists to host classes, workshops and family style dinners. 


How do you want people to experience your shop or what do you want them to take away from an experience there? 

I want it to be an inviting, comfortable neighborhood spot where people can just stop in for a quick glass of wine or linger for the whole evening, get to know their neighbors over a meal at the long table or learn a new skill at a class. 

Thank you Stephanie!

Ebb & Co will be opening the doors on January 24th, from 4-9pm.  Stop in for a glass of wine and a small bite or follow the link here to whet your appetite and reserve your place at the table. 

And as an endnote: Goose Creek Mercantile will have a retail window on display for about a month.  Shop your favorites from the collection in the Bryant neighborhood; how fun is that!