Where did our name come from?

I get a lot of questions about the name of our mercantile: Goose Creek. 

Goose Creek is an old cabin situated on 5 wild acres, located in the Lake Whatcom Watershed in Northwest Washington; roughly a half hour from the Canadian border. I lived there for a short time amongst a rotating cast of characters: college students, social activists, permiculturalists, artists, and musicians.  We were idealists and dreamers that found freedom in the decrepit cabin without heat or indoor plumbing.  We built our own reality on land shared with dogs and cats, chickens, deer and too many mice to ever silence.  It was true and authentic and it was quintessentially Northwest.

We stayed up late at night to raid the strawberry patch, scissors in hand to snip up the slugs while we feasted.  Chopping wood became a competitive sport, and we weed wacked the meadows as a form of meditation.  A glass of water left next to the bed could be iced over on winter mornings.  Spring shoots of grass sprung from the floorboards.  The silverware was moved to mason jars on the windowsill above the sink to prevent the mice from dirtying them in the drawers.  It was perfectly imperfect and we loved every second of it.  This is where our name comes from.

But why?  Our shop is named after Goose Creek to remind us of our free spirit and idealism; to keep us focused on the type of people we want to be and the type of commerce we want to participate in.  We emphasize quality over quantity (and dare we say voluntary simplicity); we want you to fall in love with our collection and to purchase pieces because they stir something inside of you.  We want to highlight the wealth of talent in the Pacific Northwest as well as others who reflect our natural sensibility: simple, imperfect and unfussy. And last but most definitely not least we want to support fairness in our global community because we’re all in this together and have so much to learn from each other. 

So that’s it!  We’re named after a little shack on 5 acres! Ha! But in honesty, our name is to remind us of authentic living close to nature.  We want to bring that idealism and natural goods into your home today, wherever that may be.

May the art of making a home inspire the way you live in this modern world.