French Rolling Pin - 25% off!

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* This lovely pin got dropped on it head resulting in a pretty minuscule dent on it's toosh!  It's handiness or longevity in the kitchen has not been harmed, but I couldn't bear charge full price for my own mistake. *

Our French Pin has a slight taper across the length. and is shaped by hand from a single piece of hardwood.  These are great for general baking use or for thicker doughs such as pita, pizza, bread, etc. 

Dimensions: 16.25" long x 1-1.5" taper

Because each of our rolling pins are made by hand from uniquely selected woods, they can vary slightly in length, thickness, and taper profile.

Our wooden spoon collection goes beyond form and function.  The use of responsible and sustainably sourced materials is an essential part of the creative process with a focus on wood species, locality and unique grains.  All this leads to bespoke, one of a kind items that are constructed to last. 

Made in Woodinville, Washington