Welcome to Goose Creek Mercantile


Goose Creek Mercantile began in 2016 to bring together a collection of products we wanted in our own Pacific Northwest home.   A collection that reflects the natural sensibility of our location, highlights the tradition of craft, and respects the process of design and material selection.  What started as a passion project quickly evolved into a reliable source for others to find pieces that had already been considered for quality, sustainability and artistic integrity.  

Our products are natural, simple and unfussy.  They are just at home in a cabin as they are in a condo.  Many are bespoke; and I hope all will become timeless treasures that withstand the fast fashions and interior trends.  

Goose Creek Mercantile is curated from West Seattle by Holly Johnston.  She has a background in anthropology and interior design (and construction management; a story for another day).  She loves travel and learning how we all make this earth our home.  A strong advocate of local living economies, she always tries to source pieces first from the Northwest as a means to pollinate our vibrant creative culture.  But artistic processes are not bound to one location.  The Goose Creek collection is peppered with items from around the globe creating a larger context for the collection as a whole.

We are always looking for new ways to connect with others in real life and welcome suggestions for opportunities to pop up or collaborate.  Or, if you are looking for something in particular, let us if we can help with sourcing.  Feel free to reach out any time.

(And be sure to read our first blog post for a little more about our name!)


May the art of making a home inspire the way you live in this modern world.