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EH Works, The Apron, Goose Creek Mercantile, indigo duck cloth

The Apron

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Made in the Pacific Northwest by EH Works, The Apron was developed in collaboration with the intended users: craftspeople, restaurant works and florists.  Each pocket and detail has been thoughtfully considered.  Deep pockets, a strap for towels, easily adjustable straps.  Void of anything unnecessary yet nothing is amiss.  

The Duck Canvas Apron is made with a tightly woven 100% cotton yarn, giving it a sturdy and strong feel, while being extremely comfortable to wear. The fabric is finished with a natural water repellency that, along with the tight and smooth surface of the fabric weave, resists liquid absorption. With use, the apron will begin to form fit the user and develop more and more character over time.

Our Indigo Herringbone Apron is made with a durable, medium weight denim, which has a soft laundered hand and tailored appearance. It is made from 100% cotton yarns. 

Our Linen Apron is made from soft and washable 100% linen. It softly drapes over the body, is sturdy, and becomes softer and loftier with washing. The natural color is filled with white subs, giving it a little texture and lots of surface interest in the calmest of colors.

The length is universally suited to all at 40".  The fit is just as you like.